Design Studio Application

Apply To Be A Design Studio Resident

The Design Studio is the heart of the mission here at NDT Broadgate. 

We are offering a number of year-long residencies, and are currently looking for 20 designers to support with studio space over the next year. Giving each access to:

- An individual design workstation

- Individual shelving & a lockable cupboard/drawer unit.

Shared storage space for larger items

24/7 access.


We are both looking to create a pool of 20 designers with a mix of practices and experiences, who will be active participants in shaping the culture of NDT Broadgate.

Moreover, these will be the only residents of Broadgate to have out-of-hours access to the site, so we want to get to know you!

Applications have now closed. 

If you have any questions about the Design Studio or the application process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to NDT's Staff Associate Designer, Shankho Chaudhuri at [email protected].



We are looking for designers:

  • Who will use their space at NDT Broadgate frequently.

  • Who have never had a studio space before, or, due to the pandemic, are now no longer able to afford rented studio space.

  • From a range of disciplines: set, costume, lighting, sound, video & anywhere in-between and outside of those practices. The only condition is that you are making work in theatre (though not exclusively).

  • Who will actively contribute to building the community of NDT Broadgate.

  • Who are keen to support us in forging stronger relationships with design networks across the country

  • Who are keen to discuss and share ways of challenging the industry and supporting other designers.

Reserved Space

As with the rest of NDT Broadgate, we are reserving space for designers who identify as Black, East Asian, South Asian or from the global majority, who come from low socio-economic class backgrounds, or are disabled or D/deaf.

We've chosen to focus on certain groups who we believe have been underrepresented on our stage and in the wider sector, and certainly within the field of design. There is a moment in the application process where you can indicate to how you identify.


15th September - we will be hosting a design studio open day at Broadgate, for designers to come to take a look at the studio before the application portal closes. You can sign up for the open day here.

20th September - The application portal will close. 

w/c 4th October - The design studio will be opening.