NDT Partners With Diorama Arts To Deliver 2016 BAMER Project

29 March 2016

New Diorama are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Diorama Arts to deliver our first BAMER Project as part of our ambitious Artist Development Programme.

Gifting up to 30 weeks free rehearsal space a year to Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee-led theatre companies, New Diorama’s BAMER project is designed to give development space to theatre companies making new work.

“We’ve often found that new BAMER theatre companies don’t have the same network of contacts as some of their peers. That’s why I’m so pleased to announced this partnership – Diorama Arts is one of the best rehearsal studios in London.

Introducing new companies to these great facilities and the enthusiastic Diorama Arts team makes this unique opportunity for BAMER artists even stronger.” 

David Byrne, Artistic & Executive Director, New Diorama Theatre

Diorama Arts Studios, based in the heart of central London, offers 15 new, high-spec spaces at very competitive rates, perfect for rehearsals, auditions, meetings, workshops and classes. Hosting a wide variety of classes and courses provided by many different arts and educational organisations, Diorama Arts aim to accommodate creative, educational and entertaining activities that make the studios a vibrant and exciting atmosphere but that also benefit the local community.

Despite sharing a common name, New Diorama and Diorama Arts are separate charities – and this is the first project that sees us coming together to support the same artists in this way.

For more information on Diorama Arts please click here. For more information on New Diorama’s BAMER Project please click here.

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