Hardboiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow

Los Angeles, 1947. Scene 1, take 1.

Sam Shadow sits in his office waiting for his next client. He's no ordinary private investigator: he's scourge of the underworld, a man with ice where his heart used to be, the last bastion of morality in LA. Or so he'd like to think.

When the stunning Scarlett Addison walks in, Sam is thrown headlong into a shadowy world of murder, corruption and double crosses. A man's gone missing, electricity blackouts are more frequent than a loser at a blackjack table and the city’s in chaos. From LA’s dark streets to decadent hillside mansions, the deeper Sam digs the dirtier his hands get, until he discovers the true meaning of being a good guy in a bad world.

Inspired by classic film noirs like The Big Sleep and Chinatown, Hardboiled is a slick and witty journey through a celluloid world of crooked cops, private eyes and femme fatales. Sit down and grab the popcorn, because Sam's fall is coming and it's going to hurt like hell.

Hardboiled is a co-production between Rhum and Clay, The Watermill Theatre and Beth Flintoff. This production is supported by New Diorama Theatre's Emerging Companies Fund and is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. 


Hardboiled is a co-production between Rhum and Clay Theatre Company and The Watermill Theatre, and is a collaboration with director Beth Flintoff.

Rhum and Clay is a physical theatre ensemble that tells stories in mischievous and surprising ways:  inventive shows that are inventive, playful and cinematic. The company formed in 2011 at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, where they trained together.

Beth Flintoff is a director/writer based at The Watermill Theatre, where she has worked on 15 productions, including both of The Watermill’s collaborations with Rhum and Clay, Hardboiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow and Jekyll and Hyde.

From its home in a converted Watermill in rural West Berkshire, which seats just 220 people, The Watermill Theatre has created award-winning work that has been recognised throughout the UK and abroad. The very best artists and creative teams, both established and at early stages of their careers, are the theatre's lifeblood, earning The Watermill a reputation as one of the most successful producing theatres in the country.


★★★★"This highly physical, energetic production is totally captivating" The Guardian on Rhum & Clay's 64 Squares

★★★★ “Weird and wonderful theatre performed with inch perfect precision.” The Observer on 64 Squares