I Want You To Admire Me/But You Shouldn't

I want you to admire me because I’m good at this.
Because I’m better than you.
Because it will mean I’m worth something.

But you shouldn’t because you can do it too.
You shouldn't, because I’m selfish.
Because if you didn’t, maybe I’d stop.

Ladies and gentleman, you are invited to a remarkable contest of brains, brawn and brilliance. For your pleasure and entertainment, our contestants will battle it out to claim the top spot in the world’s greatest game show. The stakes could not be higher – in the end, who is most worthy of your admiration?

I Want You to Admire Me/But You Shouldn’t is a meditation on life as performance, celebrity worship and the cult of the artist. And we want you to really, REALLY love it.

This production is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the New Diorama Emerging Companies Fund.


Dirty Rascals combines art forms to create vital, disruptive, genre-defying performances.  Our work involves experimental live art, audience games and plenty of urgent conversations. We create shows that revel in their own liveness, shows that are radical, honest and irreverent. Above all, we create shows with the specific audience that is right here, right now.


★★★★★ "Seeing as I am unable to fault it, I have no hesitation in giving it top marks" London Theatre 1 on Thlides

★★★★ "Bursting with ideas, energy and bravery" Everything Theatre on Thlides

"Dirty Rascals know how to make unique theatre, and are definitely a company to keep an eye on" A Younger Theatre