Like Enemies of the State

A thought-provoking and visually engaging play based on the real-life stories of three child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Having escaped one of the world’s deadliest wars, they find themselves alienated from society and forced to live as outcasts. They, amongst many others, are facing a difficult decision: either retreat into poverty and social rejection or to take power into their own hands by rejoining the battle.

In the summer of 2011, Writer and Director Tommy Lexen travelled through the DRC in an attempt to understand the destructive madness that affects many young children in this region, and the reasons why so many children still are fighting in one of the world’s deadliest wars; a war with more than 5 million casualties.

Like Enemies of the State emerged from his interviews with former child soldiers, street children, local and international NGOs, UN representatives and the Congolese government. This play is based upon these eyewitness accounts. It is their story, a story about the violence of a forgotten generation.


After a very successful London-run at New Diorama in October, BeFrank in collaboration with Falling Whistles (US) and NDT will do an extra midnight performance on the International Human Rights Day, the 10th December. The show will be live-streamed and accessible to both live and online audiences across 4 continents, all joining together to celebrate peace and raise awareness of the current situation in the DRC.

Join us in the very exclusive and exciting theatrical event. We start at 23.45pm with an introduction by the Director followed by the show and live-stream which begins at midnight. No late-comers admitted.


This production is supported by New Diorama Theatre's Emerging Companies Fund.


BeFrank is a London-based international theatre company formed in 2010 by Artistic Director Tommy Lexen. The company focusses on subjects that encompass the bigger questions and highlight new perspectives on the world in which we live, both on a social and political level. We work from authentic source material, in a process where research, field studies and a dynamic development of expression results in a performance with high artistic and intellectual quality as well as being engaging, interesting and accessible for a larger non-political audience.


"Like Enemies of the State ended up being one of the most powerful, thought-provoking and brutal pieces I have ever seen"  ★★★★ One Stop Arts


"Like Enemies of the State is an interesting example of politically engaged theatre, with its creators motivated to broaden the consciousness of the audience [...] It is an ambitious production, combining several stories and moving in between genres. The use of sound and music is responsible for a good many moments of brilliance." ★★★★ What's Pleen Seen 


"Like Enemies of the State is an excellent play. Really gives you insight on being a child soldier in the Congo." ★★★★ UrbOnDash