Silk Road

In February 2011, SILK ROAD changed the world.

For the first time in history it was possible to order illegal drugs online & have them delivered to your door. In November 2013, the FBI arrested 'The Dread Pirate Roberts' Ross Ullbricht and closed Silk Road down....

Take an adrenaline-fuelled ride into the underworld of Whitley Bay, Newcastle. A tale of a struggling young Geordie tech-head, Bruce Blakemore, who gets caught up in a World Wide Web of new age pirates, local gangsters & innovative postal methods.

Join Bruce, his wannabe raconteur Nan, bargain basemant gangster/club owner Mr. Shaggy & a whole host of unforgettable characters as 'Breaking Bad meets Byker Grove' in this pitch black, poignant one man play for the Bitcoin generation.

Written by Alex Oates (Old Vic New Voices, Eastenders E20, BBC3) and starring James Baxter (Still Open all Hours, Scarborough, Red Dwarf) this urgent new play, supported by the Kevin Spacey Foundation, both controversially instructs budding online drug dealers and cautions us against the dangers of the dark web.

This production is supported by the New Diorama emerging companies fund.