The Drill

Acting is an emergency, and in an emergency you do whatever works. What you do in a fire drill may bear no resemblance to what you do in an actual fire, but your chances of survival are greatly improved by a past enactment of the drills” Deb Margolin 

Award-winning multimedia theatre-makers Breach have previously explored re-enacting the past – from a 1985 clash between riot police and New Age travelers in The Beanfield, to a 1960’s experiment into teaching dolphins English in Tank. In The Drill, the company investigates rehearsing for the future – through safety drills and emergency response training.

Mashing up documentary film, devised theatre and audience interaction, The Drill takes a critical look at emergency preparedness scenarios to consider today’s anxieties around security and terrorism.

The Drill is co-commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, The Bike Shed Theatre, New Diorama Theatre and HOME Manchester, with support from The Albany Theatre

This production is supported by the New Diorama Theatre Emerging Companies Fund. 


Breach creates politically engaged, formally innovative live performances that cross disciplines and mash up different media. A collaboration between theatre-makers and a video artist, Breach has been described as “a young company with a strong creative identity” by The Stage and won the 2015 Total Theatre Award for an Emerging Artist or Company with The Beanfield.



★★★★ “Theatrically ambitious and boldly political” The Guardian on The Beanfield 


★★★★ “Funny, dark and strangely dreamy” Time Out on Tank 


★★★★ “A truncheoning force” Sunday Times on The Beanfield 


★★★★ “Very funny… genuinely unsettling” The Stage on The Beanfield