The Going Away Days

"Nothing beats roaming the streets of another town. All eyes on you. The strangers, the invaders, the Brunshaw Youth!"

Burnley, 1987. A stone’s throw away from a football ground. Adam has a rival firm bearing down on him. Does he fight or move on? What do you call family? How far would you go to protect them?

The Going Away Days is an intimate insight into the hidden lives of football hooligans during the infamous "casual’s" movement in the 1980’s. Following the journey of a young man, Adam, trying to prove his worth and deal with the pressure of becoming a man, whilst seeking an outlet for the pent up rage he feels towards his absent father. A brand new physical theatre piece exploring responsibility, dedication, football and family.

This production is supported by the New Diorama Emerging Companies Fund.


Full Pelt Theatre are a graduate company from East 15 Acting School's BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course. We aim to combine traditional and contemporary techniques to create exhilarating theatre with bold physical movement and honest story telling. We have recently performed The Going Away Days at the Pulse Festival in Ipswich and the Barbican Theatre Plymouth at the Plymouth Fringe Festival.



"Best show of Pulse Festival so far... I want to celebrate this young company’s ability to assault an audience" Meg Vaughan