The Point Of No Return

The country is in turmoil. The capital is on fire…

Riot police try to keep order as protesters arm themselves with homemade weapons, and prepare to stand their ground and fight for a common cause: a new beginning. Meanwhile, a father desperately searches for his missing daughter as government officials deliberate the appropriate use of force.

Someone waits for the perfect moment to strike the match on a Molotov cocktail; the moment when unrest becomes revolution… The Point Of No Return.

Critically acclaimed BeFrank Theatre Company returns to New Diorama Theatre with a thought-provoking new play that tells the extraordinary story of how a society struck back against a repressive government and changed the course of history.

What would you do if these events happened on your streets?

Set in a fictional yet familiar place, this story explores large-scale political events, democratic values and the right to freedom-of-speech, through the eyes of ordinary people from all walks of life.

How far would you go to stand up for what you believe in?

From extensive research and journeys into the heart of Ukraine, ‘The Point of No Return’ is based upon the personally recorded real-life stories of those involved in the last 4 days of the revolution in Kiev, February 2014.

“Terrifyingly Brilliant!  [...} this production deserves and needs to be seen” (The News Hub)


★★★★ “A powerful piece of theatre" (The Upcoming)


“Meticulously researched and written event, excellently performed” (LondonTheatre1)


"One of the most powerful, thought-provoking and brutal pieces I have ever seen."
★★★★ OneStopArts on Like Enemies of the State

This production is supported by the New Diorama Emerging Companies Fund and is presented ahead of performances in Sweden, Denmark and the Ukraine.

Image credit: Sasha Maksymenko


BeFrank produce ambitious, visually engaging and thought-provoking productions based upon real life stories, current topics and social/political events. The Company collaborate across multiple disciplines and bring together theatre makers, musicians, academics, journalists and experts to explore different perspectives and ways of telling a story to a wider audience.

BeFrank’s productions are based upon extensive research and development, field studies and an exploration of digital technologies and storytelling. They strive to discover the human story behind the headlines and show the perspectives others are afraid to tackle.

The Point of No Return - In Conversation 

BeFrank Theatre Company will be hosting several post-show panel discussions featuring guest speakers, to accompany performances of The Point of No Return. These events are free for ticket holders (otherwise £5).

Ukraine: Then and Now
Thursday 30th April 2015 @ 21.45

Silencing the People: Freedom of Expression in a Global Society
Wednesday 6th May @ 21.45

Closer to Home: How Revolutions Across the World Affect Everyone
Thursday 14th May @ 21.45

Electing Europe: How Joining or Withdrawing will Impact the People
Thursday 21st May @ 21.45

For the full programme and more information, click here.