Bring Your Work to NDT


Do you have a theatre company? Do you make really distinct and exciting work? Are you looking for a Central London home?

Then here at New Diorama Theatre we'd love to hear from you. We support, nurture and present theatre companies working in any genre as long as the pieces are exciting, the quality is high and we think we'd work together well.

You can set up a meeting or invite us to come and see your work by emailing [email protected]. Especially if the answer is yes to the following questions...

1. Are you really a Theatre Company?

The theatre we support is normally created by a group who’ve worked together over a number of productions and have created a “house style” and a distinct flavour to their work. And while the work will change, surprise and grow, there is a feeling that it is undeniably them: work which only they could create. That’s what will make them special as a company and make them work as an organisation – they’re offering something to their audience nobody else can.

2. Are you making ensemble-led work?

We're a theatre dedicated to ensemble-led work on and off stage. We don't programme solo shows, and rarely support two handers. We're interested in imaginative work that utilises ensembles in new and exciting ways.

3. Is there an emotional connection between you and us?

There needs to be empathy between each company and the work we do at NDT. We want to work closely with each of our hand-picked companies on a shared mission. We expect every company we work with to work with the rest of our network, support the work of other NDT artists and generally muck in!

4. Do you have growth potential and ambitions?

We try to see more than one production by a company we’re making a commitment with (especially for a longer run). The main reason behind this is to see whether or not the company has somewhere to grow and develop. And this isn’t just artistic growth, we really like to find young companies who have ambition and want to go somewhere. There’s nothing like meeting a company in a pub theatre in the back of beyond, loving their work and then discovering they’ve got plans to take over the world – and that we can help.

5. Are they going to offer something new to the NDT Family?

We’re very careful to ensure with programming that we get the right balance of styles and since we’re looking to help each individual company develop a following, we don’t want to programme a lot of very similar work and end up splitting audiences. Also, it’s exciting to find a new flavour to add to our mix of work.