Untapped FAQs


We know that going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a big commitment.

We've tried to answer as many questions around the Untapped award as we can, and we'll regularly add to this list if the same questions come up frequently via email or through social media.

Before contacting us, see if your questions is answered here. If you've still got a burning issue, please email us here

Do you have to commit to performing for the entire month of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022? Could we just do part of it? 

Sorry, the Untapped Award is only open to ensembles and theatre companies who are wanting to perform for the full Edinburgh Festival

We’re from outside of London. If we’re shortlisted, do we need to come to London to perform as part of the rehearsal room showcase? 

Yes, the shortlisting day will take place at NDT Broadgate in London, and we’ll cover travel costs to all groups travelling for outside of London.

But I hate London. Can’t we just do a zoom presentation?

I’m afraid not, we need to meet everyone. And everyone hates London, even the Queen. (Especially the Queen)

We want to apply but we can’t make the shortlist rehearsal showcase on 3 April. 

Unfortunately, we need to see rehearsal room extracts from all the shortlisted shows and meet the companies. April 3rd is the only date the full shortlisting panel will be meeting. 

We are a comedy troupe, can we apply? 

No. This award is open to theatre ensembles and companies only. 

I’m a solo performer with a one-person show. Can I apply? 

I’m afraid not. This award has been created to support ensembles and larger theatre companies to take their work to the Edinburgh Festival. That’s why we’re looking for groups whose shows will have a minimum of two performers on stage. 

What do you mean by ensemble or theatre company? 

An ensemble is a group of artists who work together, over a period of time, to create theatre that has a distinct voice and language. At New Diorama, we support companies who are not just coming together to make one single production, but who have an ongoing and growing artistic relationship.

For Untapped, we also accept debut shows from new companies.

The production we’d like to propose has been to the Edinburgh Festival before, are we eligible to apply? 

No. We’re looking for work that has never previously run at the Edinburgh Festival. 

We won’t have a finished show by the shortlisting day, is that a problem? 

Not at all! We just want to see a taste of your work and a short extract which will indicate the quality and direction the final production will be heading in. 

This shortlist day, how much technical support will be on offer? Our show has lasers in it -

- Let me stop you there. The shortlisting day is so that we can meet you all and see a little bit of your work to get a flavour of what you'll be hoping to take to Edinburgh. The reason we do it in a rehearsal room and not a theatre space is to reduce the pressure on artists towards what we're expecting to see. We want a lo-fi, working light extract of something. Keep it simple. No lasers.

When will we hear if we have been shortlisted?  

The shortlisted will be announced on Tuesday 22 March. However, before this public announcement every applicant to the award will be notified as to whether we’re taking them forward or not. 

If we miss the deadline, are we able to email our application to you? 

No. (Obviously). 

Our company is based outside the UK, can we apply? 

For Untapped, we’re only accepting applications from companies based in the UK ie. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Our company has two shows we think would be perfect but we can’t decide which to submit, can we submit both? 

Yes, but make sure they’re separate entries on the portal so they can be assessed independently.  

I’m over 50, am I still allowed to apply? 

Yes! Of course!

I’m over 51, am I still allowed to apply? 

Yes! Of course! To be clear, there’s no age restrictions or limits on any of our opportunities at NDT. From 18 to 118, you’re eligible to apply!

I’m 119, am I still allowed to apply? 


I’m a student. Can I apply? 


I applied when I was drunk and now I appear to have accidentally won the Untapped Award. Am I legally obligated to now produce an award-worthy show and take it the Fringe to critical and audience success?

Sorry, but yes.