Monthly Artist Surgeries

New Diorama now supports more than 70 companies each year, but we still get many emails and phone calls asking for help from companies that we are not supporting. With many other venues and funders stretched, there are increasing numbers of artists and groups who have nowhere to go for support.

Once a month, New Diorama are offering Artist Surgeries to artists and theatre companies who need help, and who are not being supported by NDT. Whether it’s asking questions about funding, advice on marketing or thoughts on going to Edinburgh, a member of the NDT team will sit down with you and talk it through. And, if you’re based outside of London, don’t worry – we can help on the phone as well.

How it Works

Regular chance to get advice

We’re going to be hosting artists surgeries once a month, with a member of NDT staff available to answer your questions – from marketing to fundraising.


Anyone can book in 

This is a chance for artists we’re not already working with to come and ask us for advice or guidance. You don’t have to be supported or working with NDT in any way.


Fill out a simple online form 

If you want to attend a surgery, you simply book a slot online and let us know what area or subject you’re interested in talking about.


A national service

It’s possible to request for a surgery to take place over the telephone – meaning you don’t have to be based in London to take advantage.

To download all of this information in a handy PDF, please click here


How to Book

To book an appointment please log into a Google account and refresh this page. A Google Calendar will appear below this section.

  1. Scroll along to one of the dates we're running surgeries 
  2. Find an available 30 minute slot
  3. Fill in your details 
  4. Click save

Please note: surgeries run from 2pm - 4.30pm, so please make sure your calendar is set to GMT as otherwise they will show up on EST 5 hours earlier than booked.

All appointments are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will be holding surgeries on the following days:

“NDT have talked us through tricky situations, given us a kick to get on with it, had our backs when it’s gone wrong, and celebrated us when it’s gone right. This mix of gentle encouragement and celebration has kept us going and is not only reserved for us, but for all the companies that come through their doors.”

Lost Watch Theatre