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If you're looking for last-minute space, you can book in here.

Guide on How To Book Last Minute Space.


Making any decision about what creatives to support is incredibly hard, and often impossible.

This moment feels like a fresh start, with a project as large as NDT Broadgate, we know we need a new way of making desicions.

We've built a new process that:

• Ensures resources are accessed by the most artists possible.
• Actively removes biases, conscious and unconscious.
• Is quick, friendly and easy to use (and doesn't ask artists to tell their life story or make themselves emotionally exposed just to get some free space!) 
• Transparent and clear to understand.

Read further down the page to see how we're working to acheive these goals, how decisons are being made, and to read the full guidance. 

A Lottery System

All applications for space at NDT Broadgate made through New Diorama will be selected via randomised lottery

No application will be judged on artistic merit or quality terms and the primary aim is to maximise footfall and make best usage of the space over that period. 

Since this project is aimed at independent artists we are not accepting applications from NPOs.

Freelance and independent artists can apply through the simple portal at the top of this page. Most questions are multiple choice, with set answers, and artists will need to type no more than a total of 200 words across the whole process. In total it should take no more than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the full FAQs for making an application here, which should answer the most common questions artists have asked.

Read the application guidance:

Download Full PDF    Large Text Version 

Easy Read Version    Audio Version 

Applications will be eligibility checked, ensuring they are using the space for appropriate reasons and meet requirements around fair pay. The allocation process will then take place in two rounds:


You are eligible to apply for space at NDT Broadgate if you are:

  • An independent or freelance artist, not in receipt of NPO funding from Arts Council England.

  • Applying for space within the date range specified in the application.

  • Are applying for a block of space, running consecutive days (i.e a week of space not, for example, every Monday night for a month).

  • Have a reasonable approach to fair pay, proportionate to your project or activity. We understand everyone is at different points, and different rates are fair for different groups. We’ll take a human, flexible approach to this conversation, while underlining its fundamental importance.

NPOs and commercially focused companies are not eligible.

Reserved Space

More than half of the space at NDT Broadgate is reserved for Black, East Asian, South Asian led work, artists from the global majority, low socio-economic class backgrounds, and for disabled or D/deaf led projects.

We've chosen to focus on certain groups who we believe have been underrepresented on our stage and in the wider sector. There is a moment in the application process where you can indicate to us whether the work you’ll be doing at NDT Broadgate will be led by artists identifying from these groups.

Round One - Allocating Reseved Space 

Applicants that declare they are eligible for the reserved space we’re ring-fencing for groups currently under-represented in our programme are allocated first.

If there is enough ring-fenced space for all applicants then space will be automatically gifted. If demand outstrips the space we have available, applicants will be chosen at random through our lottery system, requests satisfied one-by-one until no more space can be filled.

Applicants not selected during round one will then be returned be submitted to Round Two, along with all other artists who have applied. 

Round Two - General Allocation

Applications will be randomly selected & space filled until requests can no longer be met. 

When and How Do I Find Out?

Successful applicants will be offered space at least six weeks before their first requested date.

Each successful application will have an made the offer via email, where they’ll be asked to confirm their use of the space and complete an equal opportunity monitoring form.  

Unsuccessful applicants will be informed that we can’t support them this time, given the details of affordable space elsewhere in London and encouraged to sign up to the NDT Broadgate mailing list where unfilled space and cancelations will be posted weekly to be allocated on a first come first served basis.


As part of the application form, we're asking each group about any access needs that artists may have when visiting NDT Broadgate. NDT Broadgate is wheelchair accessible, and step free.

If you have any questions about access at NDT Broadgate before making your application, please contact us on [email protected],com.