Blueprint & Vision


Launched in August, 2021, NDT Broadgate in an engine room that makes change for freelance and indepenedent artists possible. 

This revolutionary artistic development complex is fully staffed, properly resourced, and is completely and totally FREE for independent and freelance artists to use throughout this reset year.

We all want to come back better, and NDT Broadgate is driving that change.

Now one of the biggest and most popular rehearsal spaces in London, NDT Broadgate is saving aritists money, allowing them to invest in the change they want to see. For example, improving freelancer pay, or investment in more inclusive practice or improving access for audiences. 

Together, we are bringing our community out of isolation and sparking new, unexpected collaborations that wouldn’t have happened in the old world.

We're already using NDT Broadway in ways we’d never imagined.

And we're not doing it alone. Our Broadgate Associate Companies are Chinese Arts Now, Migrants in TheatreNouveau Riche, Numbi Arts & The PappyShow.

Each are gifted their own studio, office, budget with complete autonomy – sharing leadership, and diversifying the routes artists can take to access resources at NDT Broadgate..

Find out more, read the blueprint:

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In summary... 

108,924 Hours of Free Creative Time

In total, NDT Broadgate will unlock 108,924 hours of totally free space for creative projects and for artists to dream; invaluable time during a year where resources may be increasingly scarce

A footfall of 80,000 Artists

Over this reset year, we are welcoming thousands of artists, developing hundreds of projects – all using NDT Broadgate totally free of charge.

More than 20,000 square feet

Providing over 20,000 square feet of free space and resource, we support artists who’ll focus funds saved on space to fuel a more equal arts industry.

29 Spaces for Creativity over 2 Floors

NDT Broadgate features 16 rehearsal studios, more than 10 meeting and presentation spaces, a large designers’ studio & make space and communal areas.

Download the floor plans HERE. 

New Jobs

NDT Broadgate is fully staffed. Recruited through an open process, with our NDT Broadgate Associates central to the process, we've created multiple jobs - and we’re committing to paying all staff, including our cleaning team, more than the London Living Wage.

Get Involved & Engine Rooms

These plans were just a blueprint. The project is now up and running, but we're still actively seeking your ideas, insights and inspiration to shape how this space can work.

We also run regular Engine Rooms with artists and freelancers who have been using the space to get their thoughts on how we can continue improving and growing the work NDT Broadgate is doing. 

If you want to get involved in the conversation there’s several of ways to do it:

Tweet @newdiorama

Email [email protected]

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