NDT Broadgate FAQs


With any new project, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

We've tried to answer as many questions as we can, and we'll regularly add to this list if the same questions come up frequently via email or on our social media channels. 

Before contacting us with a question, see if your questions is answered in the application gudiance or in the FAQs below. 

I see that Arts Council England NPOs (National Portfolio Organisations) are not able to apply. We’re an NPO, but surely you don’t mean us?! We’re a cool NPO and do swears on social media and everything.

I’m afraid free space at NDT Broadgate is exclusively for independent and freelance artists, and we’re not accepting applications from NPOs. Sorry.

We’re not an NPO, but we do have some Arts Council money through Project Grants / DYCP / Cultural Recovery Funding / found some in a park. Can I apply?

Absolutely. As long as you’re not funded as part of the National Portfolio, feel free to apply.

I’d like to put NDT Broadgate in as “expected” in a Project Grant application, can I do that and how much is it worth as “in-kind” support.

Because of the short turn-around of NDT Broadgate during this first season, we’re happy for people to put it as “expected” in their Project Grant applications on the understanding that your application for space may not be selected from the lottery.

The “in-kind” value of a single space from NDT Broadgate is £1,200 per week, or £200 per day.

What if I get space at NDT Broadgate but don’t get all the funding for my project? It might mean I have to pay everyone less or make changes to the project. Will you take my space away?

New Diorama is a project funded company too, so we get it. We don’t get a lot of the funding we apply for and understand things change.

If things change once you’re offered space just get in touch - we’ll have a human conversation about it and it’ll all be fine.

Do we have to be based or registered in the UK to apply for space at NDT Broadgate?

Hell no. 

Can I make multiple applications for different chunks of space during the same application window?

Yes, that’s fine.

However, please don't submit multiple applications for the same date range to try and improve their chances in the lottery may find themselves excluded from future space at NDT Broadgate.

I want to use NDT Broadgate in the evenings, but I can only select daytime usage. Why is that?

We’re still working out the exact opening times of NDT Broadgate, and how we navigate evening usage with our aim to give groups exclusive use of the spaces they’re using. So currently, we’re only offering daytime use, Monday to Saturday.

I need space that is before 16th August 2021 or the falls after December 22nd, 2021. Can I apply now?

No, applications are only open currently for space usage between 16 August and 22nd December. We’ll be opening applications for Spring 2022 later this year.

I want to select a certain room at NDT Broadgate, how do I do this?

Because of our lottery system, it would be too complex to allow groups to ask for particular rooms.

Instead, we’ve divided the rooms up in Small, Medium and Large spaces, with rooms in each category being similar in size. If you’re selected, you’ll be informed of the exact room and its dimensions you're being offered in your acceptance email

Can I book irregular space, for example on every Monday in a month? 

Unfortunately we are only able to gift blocks of space at NDT Broadgate, allowing us to maximise the use of the spaces.

Why are you selecting artists randomly by lottery? Surely quality is all that matters, and that’s what we should be judged on.

The theatre industry has been judging on “quality” for as long as we can all remember, and it has ended up excluding a lot of exceptional artists. It’s time we tried doing things differently. Also, aren’t we’re tired of all competing against each other? Or having to prove ourselves worthy, endlessly making the case as to why we’re deserving for every professional opportunity? Which makes rejection, especially right now, so personal. 

NDT Broadgate is a new type of project, and it feels fitting to try a new way of selection. It might not work. But, then again, it might introduce us to a lot of artists we’d have never met before, spark some new collaborations that would have been impossible a year ago, and show us a new, more equitable way of doing things.

Who are the people in all the NDT Broadgate photos? They look like the happiest, most photogenic folk I’ve ever seen. How do I join their gang?

The photographs are of NDT Associate Ensemble, The PappyShow – who are also going to be one of the NDT Broadgate Associates. They make joyful theatre, and are just the sort of cool, exuberant people who’ll be hanging out at NDT Broadgate.

I see that you’re reserving space for Black, East Asian, South Asian artists, or artists from the Global Majority; Disabled or Deaf led work, and work led by Working Class artists. One or two of our cast might identify as belonging to one of these groups –

- let me stop you there. We’re looking for work and projects led by artists from these groups, where they’re in charge.  

So, I identify as one of the groups that you’re reserving space for, and I’m leading the project. What’s the catch? Do I have to make work about my identity? Or only work with other artists who identify the same?

There’s no catch, and no strings attached. You have total artistic freedom. You don’t need to make any particular type of work, or work around your identity. You can collaborate with who you like, and do whatever you like

I don't identify as coming from one the groups you are reserving space for, but I still consider myself a marginalsied artist. Can I still apply for space?

Yes! NDT Broadgate is open to everyone. We've chosen to focus on certain groups who we believe have been underrepresented on our stage and in the wider sector. However, no matter how you identify, this is a space for you. 

I know someone at NDT, I met them at a house party once. Should I submit then email and ask them to confirm or to try and subvert this equitable selection process? 

Please don't. The very point of this process is that it's totally random. We can't adapt the process for people we know or have a relationship with. If you're an NDT supported artist (i.e you're developing a show for us), there is other space outside of this process we can offer you. 

What is NDT Broadgate’s approach to COVID-19 safety?

Excellent question! We’re currently monitoring the situation and the changing government advice. Ahead of groups visiting NDT Broadgate and ahead of our opening on 16 August, we’ll issue guidelines to ensure groups can attend rehearsals as safely as possible 

When you initially presented the plans for NDT Broadgate you mentioned meeting rooms, and presentation spaces, how do I apply for these?

We are currently prioritizing getting the rehearsal spaces up and running. Bear with us, we will announce how to apply other resources and initiatives as soon as we possibly can.

I am a designer, and I would like to apply for a space at NDT Broadgate. Where do I apply?

We haven’t started the application process for the designer spaces yet but keep an eye on our social media and you’ll be the first to know.

I’d love to open a similar space to NDT Broadgate in my town/ city/ country/international waters. Might you be willing to talk to me about it?

Of course! Drop us a note and we’ll be in touch.

Can I get married at NDT Broadgate?


And, finally, what does FAQ stand for?

That’s a frequently asked question! The answer is: nobody knows. And nobody will ever know, no matter how frequently the question is asked!