House Rules


NDT Broadgate is all about bringing people together to collaborate.

We've put together a few simple house rules and guidelines to make things run smoothly. 

It'd be great if every artist and guest visiting the space had a chance to review this short list ahead of visiting.

If there's something you'd like to know that's not covered on this list, please email [email protected] and we'll be in touch.

Checking In at NDT Broadgate

On everyone's first visit to NDT Broadgate, they need to sign in and say hello at Reception on Floor 4.

The NDT Broadgate Reception is on Floor 4, and is open 9:30am - 6:00pm Monday to Saturday with late closing (8.30pm) on Monday and Wednesday.

The lead artist, who made the application for space or resource, is responsible for the actions and behaviour of the artists and guests that they invite to NDT Broadgate.

This include behaviour towards anyone working in the building - unacceptable, rude or abusive behaviour from one group member may lead to groups being ask to leave.


Guests are permitted to visit studios at NDT Broadgate but must be accompanied by a member of the company.

All visitors or guests must sign in at Reception on Floor 4 they enter the building, and must be met by a member of the company they're visiting.

Each lead artist or company are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests.

Health & Safety, First Aid & Medical Assistance

If for whatever reason someone requires medical assistance, you must inform NDT Broadgate Reception staff - so we can assist and log it in our accident book.

A first aid kit and accident book are kept at both Receptions on Floor 4 and Floor 6.

Please make sure you wear shoes in communal areas, when walking around and when you're not in your studio space. 

If you need to call for emergency services, please inform Reception once the call is placed so we can assist with swift access. Please note, our staff will not be able to accompany injured individuals off-site.

All parties must make themselves familiar with the fire evacuation procedures and must make sure participants are briefed on the course of action in case of fire. These can be found on the back of each studio door and can be downloaded here.

Parties should have their own insurance to cover any situation involving loss or injury to a member of their staff or a member of the public as a result of their own activities.

If a session involves participants who are under the age of 18 or considered as vulnerable adults the visiting company or artist is responsible for ensuring that the relevant DBS checks have been obtained and can be produced on request.


We ask that all groups keep noise levels at a reasonable level, especially when playing music or recorded sound. If loud music or noise starts impacting other artists or tenants in the building, we will have to ask you to reduce your noise level. If things continue, we may have to ask you to vacate your studio - which we, obviously, don't want to do.

If you're planning to use percussion/live music, we ask that you let us know at the time of application.

NDT Broadgate is a temporary space, and while we've done everything we can to enhance soundproofing, there is bound to be noise bleed between studios.

Loss and Damage

NDT Broadgate can not be liable for the loss or damage of any personal property brought into or left on the premises - whether in the public areas or your studio. It's all at your own risk.

We encourage artists not to leave valuables, laptops, phones or money unattended. 

Footwear that may damage the dance floors (i.e. stilettos, ice skates, heelies etc…) may not be worn in rehearsal studios with dance flooring.

While usage of NDT Broadgate is free of charge, we may need to invoice and charge groups for damage to rooms or equipment that will incur cost to repair.

Inappropriate Behaviour

We want NDT Broadgate to be a safe and inclusive space. However, we know more than ever that some rehearsal rooms contain behaviours that are damaging and work against this mission.

Throughout NDT Broadgate there are posters and information for artists to sign-post them where to report bullying and harassing behaviour. We also encourage all users to talk to members of NDT Broadgate staff if there are serious issues that need raising from activity happening in our spaces. This includes, but is not limited to, ableist, homophobic, racist, sexist or transphobic behaviour. 

NDT Broadgate staff can be talked to in confidence, and while we hold no direct authority over the artists using our space (unless they are directly under our commission or employment) we do have excellent active, working relationships with most union and trade bodies. We will encourage artists to refer cases to these bodies or – where relevant – the police. We will support any allegations to be fully investigated and ensure appropriate further action is taken. 

In some cases, we may ask groups to leave, and prevent them from using NDT Broadgate in future depending on the nature of the allegations reported.

While we hope this won’t be the case, but if there are concerns or complaints about the behaviour of staff at NDT Broadgate, these will be taken seriously and handled in accordance with our staff code of conduct.

If you wish to raise a confidential concern or make a formal complaint, this should be addressed in the first instance to the NDT Broadgate Senior Project Manager, Justin Masterson.

If there is a specific reason you need to speak to someone outside the NDT Broadgate team, you can contact the NDT Senior Management team by emailing Executive Director Will Young, or email Natalie York and Sofie Mason, both NDT Trustees with safeguarding training and experience here.


We ask all companies to ensure that any waste generated is disposed of safely and appropriately, and that all company members use the correct waste bins and recycling facilities throughout the building.

The communal areas at NDT Broadgate are cleaned on a daily basis in the evenings, but visitors need to do their own washing up and leave spaces as they've found them

There are fridges available at NDT Broadgate, these are emptied out every Saturday afternoon. Any food left or containers left in over the weekend will be thrown away. 

The studios are cleaned on a regular basis. If you do not want your space visited by the cleaners, please make sure the “Do Not Disturb” sign has been placed on the door handle outside of your studio by the end of the day.

Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs

Obviously, like all buildings for years, NDT Broadgate operates a no smoking policy throughout the building. No smoking is permitted in the building or any of the fire exits at any time, a smoking area is provided at the front of the building.

NDT Broadgate has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs, any artists or group found to be in possession of drugs will be asked to permanently leave the building. This includes substance abuse.

Alcohol is more tricky because we understand people may want to bring some in to celebrate or to host guests. We ask if you're planning to serve alcohol that you let Reception know. Anyone who is drunk, or exhibits drunken behaviour as the result of drinking alcohol, will be asked to leave

Use of Equipment

Tables and chairs are available for use in our studios. Extras may be available upon request.

PA Systems are available in the large studios but we don't provide cables on site so please bring these with you. There are also a limited number of Bluetooth speakers that can be used by checking them out from the 4th-floor Reception. They are given out on a first come first serve basis.

Any equipment brought into the building should be compliant with current guidance and legislation. All electrical items must be PAT tested and flammable objects must be treated with fireproof spray. We ask that you have a list of all electric and flammable equipment in use and relevant supporting documentation.

As much as possible, any set or props brought into the studios must be specified and agreed in advance


No animals or pets may be brought to NDT Broadgate, except guide or hearing dogs.