After The Act

28 February – 1 April, 2023


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★★★★ The Telegraph
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Abseiling lesbians! Queers in classrooms! Perverts panicking parents! And an act of oppression that inspired a generational riot.

Twenty years after its repeal, the children of Section 28 are taking to the stage.

Multi-award-winning NDT Associates Breach (It's True, It's True, It's True) unpack a turning point in LGBTQ+ British history, singing and dancing over the grave of this national anniversary.

★★★★ ‘This musical feels exceptional... A massive achievement... Wonderful performances’ The Guardian

★★★★ ‘Empowering and gut-wrenching... full of righteous anger and euphoric 80s synths’ The Telegraph

★★★★ ‘Heart-rending yet joyful... brilliantly conveys the hysteria and outrage of Section 28 in propulsive musical form’ The Stage

★★★★ ‘Fantastically daring... The company's powers are undiminished’ Time Out

★★★★★ ‘Leaves its audience entertained, educated & enthralled. A vital use of the art of theatre’ Musical Theatre Review

★★★★★ ‘Inspired’ The Spy In The Stalls

★★★★★ ‘Groundbreaking’ All That Dazzles

★★★★ ‘A queer epic’ Everything Theatre

★★★★ ‘Powerful’ Reviews Hub

★★★★ ‘A treat’ North West End

World premiere, commissioned by New Diorama. Co-produced by New Diorama, Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival, HOME and Warwick Arts Centre. Supported by Arts Council England.

Age recommendation: 14+. Content: the show contains references to suicide, self-harm and child abuse, as well as homophobic language throughout.

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Throughout the show, our café and foyer spaces will feature two exhibitions, free and open to the public daily.

An Unending Sunday Morning 

During Covid-19 lockdown, Emil Lombardo cycled 600km through London to photograph trans and non-binary people outside their homes. This photographic documentation of our unique experiences and feelings of isolation, separation, and struggle results in poetic and deeply empathetic portraits. The project's title comes from the continuous and peculiar sense of time developed as a result of the pandemic – where each day of the week feels like a "never-ending Sunday morning”.

London Trans+ Pride

Drawing inspiration from Pride’s origins as an intersectional protest against violence and erasure, as well as contemporary alternative movements (Queer Picnic, UK Black Pride, Trans Pride Brighton), London Trans+ Pride exists chiefly as a vehicle for nurturing community and solidarity. Now entering its fifth year and with attendance numbering into the ten-thousands, it continues to carve out and unrepentantly hold space for unashamed expressions of trans joy, sorrow, rage and togetherness. The display has been curated by LTP organisers from their growing archive.


Led by LGBTQ+ artists, activists, educators, and archivists, all events are free to attend with your After the Act ticket. 

CAMP BOOKS: Chosen Family Trees

Saturday 11th March, 5:30pm
Queer people have always come together to care for one another in "pretended family relationships" in formation against the drab, oppressive limitations of straight ways of living. In this workshop facilitated by artist, writer, and educator Brooke Palmieri of CAMP BOOKS, we'll take the idea of chosen family one step further, by choosing our own queer ancestors! After exploring local archival materials and examples from the history of glorious struggle for LGBTQIA+ liberation, participants will imagine and draw their own family trees.

This workshop is timed to occur between the matinee and evening performance. Space is limited - forward your ticket confirmation to [email protected] with subject "Camp Books" to reserve.

Pride and Protest: A Global View

Tuesday 14th March, 9:45pm
Join us for a post-show conversation exploring the current frontlines in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights around the world. Taking the show as a starting point from which to examine themes of pride and protest with a brilliant panel of queer activists from a variety of backgrounds, regions, and diasporas. Hosted by Dr Sophie Chamas, speakers include Xin from Queer China UK, Nigel Mpemba Patel, and Rambo from Hidayah UK.

The Making of After the Act

Tuesday 21st March, 9:45pm
have carved out a thrilling space within the landscape of UK theatre pioneering formally inventive, wildly ambitious documentary theatre processes. This show arrives as the result of years of interviews and archival research into the effects of Section 28, combined with a deeply collaborative making process. Hosted by sex educator Ruby Rare (recognised by the 2022 Diva Power List, Cosmopolitan’s Positivity Index and nominations for the Sexual Health Awards and Sexual Freedom Awards), this post-show talk will lift the curtain on how this landmark piece came to be.

The Company


Tika Mu'tamir
Ellice Stevens
EM Williams
Zachary Willis

Written by Ellice Stevens Billy Barrett
Director Billy Barrett
Composer & musical director Frew
Choreographer Sung Im Her
Set & costume designer Lizzy Leech
Sound designer Owen Crouch
Lighting designer Jo Underwood
Video designer Zakk Hein
Music associate & copyist Rachel Barnes
Music Production Frew & Owen Crouch
Assistant musical director Ellie Showering
Show Operator Becky Thornton
Production Manager and Technical Stage Manager Adam Jefferys 
Executive producer for Breach Sally Cowling

Video & imagery
AIDS Iceberg & AIDS Monolith: © Crown Copyright. The British Film Institute
Manchester Stop Clause 28 rally footage - Licensed by filmmaker Nick Lansley
Images licensed by Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Archive and Museum Service) 

Cast & Creatives



After the Act - (Photo by Alex Brenner) L-R EM Williams, Ellice Stevens, Tika Mu'tamir, Zachary Willis
After the Act - (Photo by Alex Brenner) L-R EM Williams, Zachary Willis, Ellice Stevens
After the Act - (Photo by Alex Brenner) - Ellice Stevens
After the Act - (Photo by Alex Brenner) - EM Williams
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