How Am I Looking Now?

24 – 25 March, 2019


I’m gonna be 8 stone by my birthday... In hot pants by July...

I’ll start my fast tomorrow... but today… I’ll bake a pie…

Spare Tyre’s name is no accident. The first show explored the pressures faced by women concerning body image and diet culture. 40 years after the company premiered ‘Baring the Weight’, it returns to the stage. Supported by NDT associate company Spare Tyre, its subject matter is still as relevant today as it was then.

In 1979 Clair Chapwell placed an advert in ‘Time Out’ saying, ‘Women interested in putting together a play based on Susie’s Orbach’s book ‘FAT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE’ write to Clair’. She received 80 replies, and with some of those women created that first show. This led to the creation of Spare Tyre.

Despite the self-acceptance encouraged by the book, have the pressures placed upon women increased in the past 40 years? Sadly the answer is all too obvious. Alongside this revival, Clair, now Director of Bolder Voices, will also present a new show ‘How Am I Looking Now?’ with a cast of intergenerational actors. As in ‘Baring the Weight’, this show will be based on real life stories, looking at pressures felt by women in 2019.

This double bill is produced by Bolder Events.

Quotes & Reviews


‘…it is intoxicatingly refreshing to find a new company with a theme, a message, a genuine sense of humour and above all that elusive thing – style’

The Stage, 1979


‘Comedy, song and dance are its main ingredients, but not at the expense of sensitivity to the mental and physical anguish undergone by women…’

Croydon Advertiser, 1979

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