This Is Not A Show About Hong Kong

Edinburgh Untapped Award Winner


This is not a physical theatre piece about the disappearance of a city and its people.

It's not about the effects of censorship brought by the National Security Bill, nor is it about the loss of freedom in the Special Administrative Region.

This is a show about that deep, sinking, helpless feeling that we can't quite put into words. 

Everything is fine. 

Max Percy + Friends are not here.

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The Company

About Max Percy + Friends

Max Percy + Friends make bold theatrical experiences fusing choreography, technology, architecture and new writing. His work is influenced by intersectional queer-Asian identity whilst experimenting with ambitious theatrical forms. He is interested in exploring alternative ways of storytelling by leading audiences on an experiential emotional journey instead of a linear narrative.

Max’s past works have been nominated for the New Wolsey’s Suitcase Prize & the Brighton Fringe’s South East Dance Award.

Winner of New Diorama and Underbelly's Untapped Award 2022, supported by Methuen Drama

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