Free Pizza

Nom nom nom.

Between January - June 2022, New Diorama are offering free slices of pizza to every audience post-show.

We thought you might have a few questions about why and how we are planning to top this season off by feeding you all free pizza with every performance.

Why Are You Giving Me Free Pizza?

Food for thought. Dinner and a show. You get the gist.

More than anything, this season is about bringing people together for a feast of bold live experiences and vital conversations. We're hoping you'll hang around to enjoy the free pizza, and it will fuel post-show discussion and shared time with friends. Which, let's be honest, we need as much of as we can get after the years we've had.

(We're also, mainly, doing it for the pizza puns.)


We've teamed up with Domino's Camden, who will deliver pizzas to the theatre every night. Thanks Domino's.

A whole pizza for every audience member?

No. You won't get a whole pizza. You'll be able to grab a slice or two. Sharing is caring.

Will there be veggie, vegan and gluten free options?

Yes. All pizzas delivered will be veggie, and there will be vegan and GF options available. Ask at box office if you have any special requirements.

Do I need to pre-order?

No. We'll bring the pizzas out after the show. That's all there is to it.

I have some serious allergies, can I eat the pizza?

Please don't. (Seriously, please speak to us if you have allergies).

What if there's a lot of pizza left over - isn't that a waste of food?

Having trialed this with guest audiences, we have a pretty good idea of how much pizza we need to order to ensure there's not any food going to waste.

Is there guidance around Covid-19?

This season starts in late January. We will ensure we have saftey procedures in place that are responsive to the situation as it is then. You can find our current Covid-19 guidelines here.