Between the Lines

3 May - 1 Jun 2024


A powerful play with music that examines freedom of expression, the strength of community and the foundations of one of Britain's most celebrated subcultures of rebel music.

‘Yo! Listen. Right now it’s Blaze FM. 101.7. You’re locked into the sounds of SHUT DOWN CREW. I need 20 missed calls if you wanna hear this one again. Press play on that.’  

We're taking you back to the mid-2000s. 

A rundown council flat in Hackney is the home of Blaze FM, a frantic pirate radio station playing Jungle and Grime to keen listeners. Illegally. 

Hughbert and the Shut Down Crew are here to tell you about Blaze FM being the heart and soul of raw new music, as well as it being a hub bringing real news to the community. But with the constant signal cuts by DTI and threats from the authorities, there's more at stake than the station's existence. 

Can Blaze FM survive? Can Hughbert keep his secret from those closest to him? How far can your expressions of freedom go before you become a target of the state? 

Follow the squad as they try to break the cycle while pioneering new music as a voice to the madness outside. 

Quotes & Reviews


★★★★ 'Impassioned rallying cry' The Stage

★★★★ 'A play that pulsates with life… a celebration of artistic expression and the power of community' Afridiziak

★★★★ 'A must see blend of music and theatre' A Young(ish) Perspective

★★★★ 'Tells a vital story of 21st centur Britain' Mind the Blog

★★★★ 'The music [is] outrageously good' All That Dazzles

★★★★ 'Dynamic and moving piece of gig theatre' London Theatre 1

★★★★ 'Absolutely badass' Always Time for Theatre

★★★★1/2 'Stand-out performances' The Reviews Hub

The Company


Director - Maggie Norris
Writer - James Meteyard
Writer and Composer - Jammz 
Musical Director - Shemzy 
Set Designer - Tina Torbey 
Lighting Designer - Alex Forey 
Sound Designer - Jack Baxter 
Video Designer - Mic Pool 
Costume Designer - Lambdog1066 
Associate Director - Christopher Neels 
Set Design Associate - Pauline McGrath 
Stage Manager - Stacey Nurse 
Producer - Nassy Konan 

Hughbert - Andrew Brown 
Alpha - Aliaano El-Ali
Mute - Daniel Holden 
Jason - Alexander Lobo Moreno 
Aisha Anais Lone 
Sparkz - Nadean Pillay
Pritstick - Marcus Reiss 
StephenJake Walden

A co-production between The Big House and New Diorama Theatre. Co-commissioned by New Diorama Theatre.

About the Company

The Big House is a charity transforming the lives of care leavers and at-risk young people through the power of performance. They are committed to providing a secure environment where members are enabled to lead positive, independent and fulfilling lives. Their artistic work is co-created, exploring collective experience whilst safeguarding individual stories. The Big House collaborates with creative industry professionals who are excited by their highly disciplined work and inspirational membership, to help them create work of the highest standards and lead the way into a more diverse arts sector. / @BigHouseTheatre

Cast & Creatives



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