The Glorious French Revolution (or: why sometimes it takes a guillotine to get anything done)

14 Nov - 14 Dec 2024


August 1792. Twenty-thousand people storm the palace of King Louis XVI of France. Six months later the king is guillotined: France is a Republic.  

July 1794. Fifteen thousand more people have had their heads chopped off. Republican leader Robespierre gets guillotined as well. The Revolution is over.   

January 2024. Members of the international elite assemble in Davos for the final meetings of the World Economic Forum where they enjoy lovely saunas, hot spas and delicious, high-class food. Child poverty levels are the highest they’ve ever been. The richest 1% own half of the world’s wealth. A politician has been hit by a flying egg.  

Award-winning YESYESNONO are making their biggest show yet - the story of the French Revolution. Written & directed by Sam Ward, it’s a show about an angry, hungry peasant girl looking for some bread. It’s a show about rage and violence and taking to the streets. It’s a show with music and dance and other things as well. (It’s not Les Mis).  It’s about cutting powerful people’s heads off with a guillotine. It’s about what really happens when you try and change the world. It's about an insurrection in the past and what they've done to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. (It’s not f*cking Les Mis).

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'YESYESNONO are at the forefront of a wave of young work' WhatsOnStage

'YESYESNONO make shows that look and feel completely different to anybody else' Exeunt

The Company


Director & Writer - Sam Ward

Commissioned by New Diorama Theatre.

About the Company

YESYESNONO is artist Sam Ward and producer Rhian Davies

They make live performance pieces. Most people call their work theatre. Some people don't. 

They've shown work across the country at spaces including HOME, Paines Plough’s Roundabout, Soho Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, Theatre Royal Plymouth, The Royal Exchange, Traverse Theatre and Camden People's Theatre. 

In 2017, they won the Total Theatre Award for Best Emerging Company for their debut show Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist. In 2019 they were nominated for the Total Theatre Award for Innovation/Experimentation for the accident did not take place. In 2022 they were a finalist for the OffWest End Award for Best Production for we were promised honey! and had their international debut at 59E59 Theaters in New York City. / @yesyesnonotheat

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