The Mosinee Project

Underbelly at the Edinburgh Fringe


Mosinee, Wisconsin, 1950. An idyllic Midwestern town wakes up to find themselves in a nightmare.

Armed Communist forces have taken over; imprisoning townspeople, cutting off communication, marching through the streets with nobody to oppose them. Prices are changed, barbed wire fences erected, and the Mayor is held at gunpoint.

Or so it appears. This is just how it begins.

Plunging into the dawn of the Cold War and back again, The Mosinee Project follows the true story of a fake invasion. A fevered, darkly funny retelling, interrogating why we fear, control and tell tales about the future.

The Company

About the Company

Counterfactual is a theatre and performance company. We make shows that taps into the strange, complicated underbelly of contemporary life, investigating how the past and our memory of it brought us here. Created and led by Artistic Director Nikhil Vyas (Dismissed, ★★★★ - Soho Theatre, My Life As A Cowboy, ★★★★ Park Theatre), Counterfactual pieces together collaborations across different disciplines, informed by the needs of the story at hand. The Mosinee Project is the company’s debut production.


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