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More than ever, individual support unlocks our ambitions: our ability to make world-class theatre, develop brilliant new artists, and connect with communities.

NDT's supporters are the real superstars, with a deep love and understanding of theatre - investing now in its future.

We've won awards and built an international reputation for our game-changing impact on independent artists. Our commissions wow audiences at home and regularly tour the world. Our local community is involved at every step, building accessible and inclusive routes in.

But we don't recieve any core public funding. And after Covid-19, we know our shoulders need to be broader than ever.

If you're up for helping, now's the time.

Whatever you can afford, join our Supporters Scheme or Donate Now to start making a difference today.

Your generosity means the world. We genuinely do a little dance in the office every time a new supporter or donation comes through - and then we look at how we can use that money to invest in a stronger future.