Babes in Arms

Matinees for London's toughest critics

Since 2022, we've included Babes-In-Arms matinees for all full-length runs.

We've always been committed to making NDT the most welcoming and accessible venue in town, and now that will include a comfortable environment for new parents and carers to enjoy our shows.

Upcoming Performances

Thursday 4th April, 2pm - The Long Run

Thursday 23rd May, 2pm - Between the Lines

Thursday 31st October, 2pm - King Troll (The Fawn)

Thursday 28th November, 2pm - The Glorious French Revolution (or: why sometimes it takes a guillotine to get anything done)

These shows are intended for parents and carers with babies up to 2 years old (the babies do not need tickets).

We'll sell at a reduced capacity so there's plenty of space, and you're welcome to exit and re-enter the auditorium at any time.

Our cafe is open before, during and after the performance. We have baby-changing facilities in our accessible toilet. You're welcome to leave buggies in our foyer. This area is staffed throughout, though any property left will be at the owner's own risk.

We want this to be a welcoming and easy experience: just get in touch with any queries via [email protected].


What if my baby is noisy and restless?

It sounds like a very healthy baby.

What if my baby gets sick or does something messy?

No problem, we'll help clean up.

What if my baby cries uncontrollably for hours?

After the last few years, we've all been there.

What if my baby gets the theatre bug early and in later life pursues a theatrical career, experiencing decades of rejection and poverty?

We accept no liability.

What if my baby cringes at NDT's sense of humour?

Don't worry, most people do.